UK printers could face a further hefty hike in waste disposal costs in April when Landfill Taxes are due to rise again.

The standard rate of tax, currently standing at £64 per ton, is set to go up by a further £8 which means it will cost printers £72 to send a ton of waste to landfill. This could potentially add thousands of pounds to a company’s annual waste disposal fees, say Blandford-based print waste management specialists J&G Environmental.

And it won’t end there because the rate will continue to rise until at least 2014 when it will have reached £80 per ton. From that year, says the Government, the rate is unlikely to fall below £80 until at least 2020.

J&G says there are ways for printers to reduce their soaring waste costs – especially by giving more priority to recycling as much as possible. The company has advised print customers to think creatively about their waste management rather than throwing what could be reusable by-products into the skip and then forgetting about it.

That advice comes in the wake of new regulations designed to get businesses to “think differently” about whether waste needs to be produced in the first place and the best ways of managing it. Waste disposal costs, say J&G, can be significantly slashed by minimising waste in the first place, sorting waste that is created, and identifying what can be recycled which can sometimes actually generate additional income.

J&G general manager John Haines said: “More and more printers are implementing these steps and reaping the rewards, but some companies still might not appreciate the true cost of sending waste to landfill and regard it as a cost over which they have no control.”

He urged companies to take advantage of J&G’s free waste audit service which advises on waste minimisation, reuse, storage and the potential for recycle.

For further information please contact J&G Environmental. Telephone: 01258 453445.