Fluorescent Lamp Recycling

Compliant recovery, treatment & disposal of heavy metals

Fluorescent tubes, gas discharge and end of life lamps containing mercury are classified as hazardous waste. There is enough mercury in one single fluorescent tube to contaminate up to 30,000 litres of drinking water. Consider how much damage they could cause to the environment when disposed of incorrectly. A quick call to J&G will solve this problem instantly!

J&G offer the following two service options:

Fluorescent Lamp Recycling J&G Environmental

1. Full Load Service

We provide you with a container that can be loaded with as many lamps as it will take, so there is no need to count or sort the contents into the different lamp types. Once the container is filled you simply call J&G and we will collect the container from any UK mainland postcode within 4 working days, and give you a new empty container at the same time if you wish.

There are no hidden charges and no extra delivery charges. We only ask that you cover the cost of the container itself that can either be rented monthly or purchased outright. You pay a single fee for your full load on the day you have your container delivered, i.e. at the beginning of the contract.

There are two benefits using this system. Firstly you have a record and paperwork for receipt and transfer of the full load for waste audit purposes before the waste is removed, and secondly you may take as long as you wish to fill the containers.

J&G Environmental Fluorescent Lamp Recycling

2. Bulk Collection Service

If on-site storage containers are not required and a large amount of lamps (in excess of 1000) need removing then our Bulk Lamp Collection Service offers many benefits.

For example, if you have 1000 mixed lamps of all different types, simply call J&G and let us know. We will travel to any UK mainland postcode within 4 days of being notified, in our own vehicles, and remove the items from your premises. We provide you with all the necessary documentation, sort the different lamp types at our plant, and fully process and recycle the contents. The only thing you need to let us know about is the quantity.

We charge a price per lamp, which depends on the volume and type of lamp, and all prices include our haulage and delivery charges. The fee is invoiced at the time of lamp collection. This service tends to be the best option for major re-lamping initiatives.

Fluorescent Tube Recycling J&G Environmental

Full Load Service Benefits

  • Outward delivery.
  • Waste Transfer notes.
  • Duty of Care tracking.
  • Collection of waste.
  • Haulage included.
  • Strong and secure containers for your site.
  • Complete lamp sorting of different types at our plant.
  • Full processing and recycling of lamps.
  • Distillation of phosphor powder in house to recover mercury.
  • Recycling certificates relevant to each batch type.

Fluorescent Lamp Containers

For our ‘Full Load Service’ customers we use specially designed containers to allow you to store your waste lamps and to allow us to transport them. J&G we will automatically supply you with the appropriate containers to suit the quantity and type of lamps you are disposing of. Then just call us when they’re full.

J&G Environmental Fluorescent Lamp Containers
J&G Environmental Fluorescent Lamp Containers
J&G Environmental Fluorescent Lamp Containers

Recycling Fluorescent Lamps & Tubes?

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