J&G Video Guides

Short videos about us, what we do and how we work

A collection of short waste management videos showing the processes involved with the various waste streams collected and processed by J&G. We have also created a video introduction to J&G and one showing a typical waste audit.

Introduction to J&G Environmental

A short video giving you an insight into a typical day at J&G Environmental. See our reception and staff, our vehicles out and about, and some examples of waste processing in action.

A Typical Waste Audit

An example of a typical Waste Audit by J&G. From the customer enquiry we follow our initial site assessment, the collection and transportation of the waste and its arrival at our depot.

Plastic Drum Recycling

How J&G recycle plastic drums by shredding them into granules, before washing and drying them ready for re-use as things like plastic pipes.

Waste Solvent Treatment

A short video providing an insight into how waste solvent is collected and treated by our parent company, Cleansing Service Group.