From what we have seen and experienced over the past few months, we believe there will be a greater sense of unity across the UK print industry, and that fills us with confidence.

For those printing companies that have remained open during lockdown period as essential services, they have been extremely accommodating for our drivers when they have visited to collect waste and recyclable materials. This has in turn helped to keep the recycling chain moving throughout lockdown, with the impact of print production on the environment remaining low as a result.

We’re looking forward to our sales staff being able to go out and visit customers to further advise them on how to improve their environmental image. It has been widely reported that the lockdown has had a huge impact on the environment in the UK and indeed worldwide, so we believe this will help to inspire more print companies to do their bit by recycling more waste.

This overall community feel and the desire to work together to succeed will help drive the industry forward as we begin to emerge from the coronavirus crisis, while at the same time upholding our core value of working to make the UK print market as environmentally friendly as possible.