Environmental Policy

Protecting your environment for future generations

Through our Environmental Mission Statement we have publicly committed ourselves to play a practical role in protecting the environment for future generations. The way in which we are turning these words into practical action has earned us the Queen’s Award for Sustainable Development and other prestigious industry awards.

J&G Environmental Environmental Policy

Preserving Natural Resources

J&G Environmental is an ethically-motivated industrial waste disposal company. We have pledged to play a practical role in protecting the environment for future generations both through our commercial activities and our own domestic working practices. We operate almost exclusively in the printing and photographic sectors.

We accept that waste is an inevitable by-product from industry but believe that its proper disposal within the confines of our ‘enclosed’ planet is a major factor in determining the quality and sustainability of our environment. We believe that a ‘discard at will’ attitude is not sustainable and we seek to develop our expertise in the managed collection and re-use of valuable raw materials.

Our Environmental Commitment

At the core of our environmental commitment is the provision of operationally-safe and environmentally-sound waste management services to our customers. To this end we will seek to achieve the following goals:

Practising What We Preach

J&G accepts that, as an organisation encouraging environmental good practise among its commercial peers, we ourselves must be a ‘green’ exemplar. We have made a commitment to do this by taking the following steps:

Our Accreditations, Licences & Awards

J&G commits itself to complying with the highest standards of environmental quality and safety.
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