J&G Environmental

The waste management company for the printing industry

J&G Environmental is a leading waste management company handling the specialist needs of the print industry. We handle the waste collection needs of over 2000 UK print houses and newspaper groups. Through our treatment and safe disposal processes we are able to maximise the re-use of materials, minimise the amount of waste sent to landfill and have a positive effect on the printing industry’s recycling rates and environmental performance.

The Queen's Award for Sustainable Development

Waste Management Company

J&G Environmental are specialists in waste control to the printing, photographic and healthcare industries, providing expertly- managed collection, treatment, disposal and recycling services to thousands of customers throughout England and Wales.

We have long been in the forefront of moves to create a more sustainable printing industry. We have enthusiastically championed the cause of ethical waste management for over a quarter of a century by changing the focus of our operations away from waste collection and disposal to one in which recycling and re-use are our key activities.

At the same time, we have sought to improve environmental awareness throughout the industry by providing advice, guidance and practical help to customers seeking to ‘green’ their waste management procedures.

The Queen's Award for Sustainable Development

Award-Winning Waste Management

We practice what we preach by setting out to be an exemplar of good environmental management on our own sites, which are subject to ISO 14001 accreditation and an Environment Agency Pollution Prevention and Control Permit.

We have publicly committed ourselves to play a practical role in protecting the environment for future generations. The way in which we are turning these words into practical action can be found in our Environmental Mission Statement – an approach that has won us the Queen’s Award for Sustainable Development and many other industry awards.

Over the last 30 years J&G has continually invested in plant, infrastructure, a modern transport fleet and staff training and is now the market leader in its sector.

J&G Environmental Waste Audit

Reducing Your Waste Costs

Reducing unnecessary business costs always makes economic sense but managing your waste will always incur an unavoidable expense. Indeed the true cost of waste disposal has risen dramatically. But do it the J&G way and the cost will be controlled and probably cut. It could even produce some income.

When we conduct a waste audit (that’s free, by the way) we’ll not only examine the waste you’re creating and advise on its management, we’ll also identify ways in which your waste bill can be reduced.

It’s what we call a Total Waste Management Programme – which goes way beyond just picking up your waste and disposing of it. There will always be a price to pay for waste. Keeping it to a minimum surely makes business sense, especially when cost reduction is paramount.

J&G Environmental Customer Care Team

Dedicated Customer Care Team

We know that in the highly-regulated world of environmental management, efficient and legal waste disposal has become an increasingly complex business activity for our customers. We also know it can be an inconvenience to them.

That’s why J&G has put customer service at the heart of its culture. Its aim: To be responsive to customers’ needs at all times. We don’t just collect your waste and wave goodbye. It really is a 100% commitment to partnership and total service. Just ask our customers – or ask us about the many industry awards we’ve won for our customer care performance.

Our mission is always to work with our customers as a ‘green partner’ – lightening their waste disposal load by offering the services of a top-class Customer Care Team and a complete package of services.

Total Waste Management Programme

J&G Environmental Waste Management

A Complete Package of Services

  • Free waste audits
  • Handling all statutory paperwork
  • Installing tailor-made storage facilities
  • Recommending waste handling machinery
  • Issuing compliance certificates
  • Interpreting complex regulations
  • Operating a rapid response spills service
  • Advising on waste reduction and labelling
  • Providing a legal and technical advice service
  • Working with customers to boost their recycling
  • Helping our customers to achieve environmental accreditations