Case Studies

Waste management customer service in action

Case Study: Superior Creative Services

J&G Environmental have been working with Wiltshire-based Superior Creative Services for a number of years on various initiatives to enhance their 'green' operations and processes. Through our successful ongoing partnership we have helped them recycle an impressive 99.67% of their production waste in 2018.

Case Study: Kingsley Print

Kingsley Print realised many years ago, earlier than many of its contemporaries, that its waste was not being handled in the most sustainable way and one of its first actions was to bring in J&G Environmental. We helped Kingsley Print to reduce waste, recycle more and cut costs.

Case Study: The Guardian Print Centre

Guardian News & Media's (GNM) commitment to the environment is well known so careful thought was given to the appointment of a skilled waste management services supplier whose environmental aspirations matched their own. Their eventual choice, which they made with no hesitation, was J&G Environmental.

Case Study: Foundry Press

"We had no recycling policy," said Foundry director Bruce Phillips. "We just had a very large skip. Paper was recycled but everything else was collected by carriers and almost certainly ended up in landfill." Foundry decided to bring in J&G to review this aspect of the business and suggest a programme of action in which waste recycling, rather than disposal, became the priority.

Case Study: Mackays of Chatham (CPI Group)

Mackays of Chatham, part of the CPI Group, is the world's largest manufacturer of monochrome and two colour books. When Alan Cray joined CPI as UK Group Commercial Manager for its UK companies, one of his first actions was to call on J&G to audit the waste disposal operation of Mackays.