Project Description

Prioritising Sustainable Waste Management

Foundry Press, based in Horsham, West Sussex, has paid particular attention to the sustainable management of its waste, which it sees as a priority area.

Foundry’s environmental management has impressively grown to maturity over the past five years to a point where it can claim ISO 9001/2000 and ISO 14001 accreditations together with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and PEFC Council certifications. The company has also been certified as being Carbon Balanced.

One of the company’s first decisive steps on the path to greening its commercial activities was to recognise that the waste it created was not being handled in a sustainable way.

“We had no recycling policy,” said Foundry director Bruce Phillips. “We just had a very large skip. Paper was recycled but everything else was collected by carriers and almost certainly ended up in landfill.”

Foundry decided to bring in the UK’s leading print waste managers, J&G Environmental, to review this aspect of the business and suggest a programme of action in which waste recycling, rather than mere disposal, became the priority.

They audited Foundry’s waste streams, pointed out the huge recycling potential of most of them, and advised on a range of topics from improving waste storage facilities to labelling and how waste management costs could be cut.

Now an environmental waste management programme is in full swing. Blankets, developer, contaminated dry waste, toner, solvents, ink cartridges, empty ink tins, aerosols, IT waste, and oil rags are now among the items regularly collected by J&G who sort and treat the waste, reclaim valuable raw materials from it and ensure that much of it goes on to be re-used in a range of other manufacturing industries.

The result is that Foundry’s recycling rates have grown year on year, and little of the company’s waste now finds its way into unsustainable holes in the ground where ever-increasing landfill taxes are creating a significant extra cost for business and industry.

This performance has contributed hugely to the company’s successful pursuit of environmental management accreditations which emphasise the need for high standards of waste management.

It’s also enabled Foundry to base much of its marketing campaign on the fact that it can offer its customers “good quality printing which doesn’t have to cost the Earth.”

Said Bruce Phillips: “We are heavily committed to the environment although we do not set out to change the world. We believe it’s important to show the way by trying to ensure that we, our supply chain, and therefore our products, are as environmentally responsible as possible.

“Waste disposal is a key element in this and we were anxious to work with a supplier that shared our own attitudes towards the environment. J&G, of course, has built its reputation as a pioneering print waste recycling specialist and their performance and enthusiasm has been excellent from the very start of our collaboration.”