Waste Management Services

Expertly managed collection, treatment, disposal & recycling services

J&G provide waste management services for printing, photographic and healthcare industries. At the core of our service is the provision of environmentally sound and operationally safe waste management facilities with the emphasis on professionalism, reliability and the ability to supply tailor-made solutions to individual customers’ needs.

J&G Environmental Waste Management Experts

Our Goal is a 100% Recycling Rate

J&G Environmental are waste managers, but we’re passionate recyclers first and foremost. We don’t think it’s fair on the environment, or makes economic sense, to fill our landfill sites with valuable re-usable raw materials. So we’ve made waste recycling, and not disposal, our mission.

We’ll only consider disposal once we’ve considered all the options for re-use, so you can rely on us to make sure all your waste is managed in the most sustainable and legal way.

Our target is to recycle 100% of the print waste we collect. And we’re almost there. Already, around 95% is being recovered and yielding components and materials for use in a growing range of manufacturing industries. When it comes to recycling, we’re aiming for a perfect score!

J&G Environmental Recycle & Re-Use

Investing in Recycling & Reducing Waste

For instance, plastic drums become pipes, aluminium plates become a variety of components including car parts. Wooden pallets are turned into chipboard and printing blankets will become a safety surface for children’s playgrounds… and much more!

And we’re always researching creative new ways to recycle print waste. That’s why we’ve invested millions of pounds in a huge range of purpose-built materials reclamation plant and machinery at our Dorset headquarters, and at Cleansing Service Group’s advanced waste treatment centre in Manchester.

We just think it’s a common sense solution to one of the printing industry’s top three environmental impacts – waste creation.

Waste Management Services

J&G Environmental Print Industry Waste Management

J&G is the UK’s leading waste management company for the printing industry.

JAG Products Pressroom Consumables

Stocking your pressroom and taking away the waste for a complete service.

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Recycling J&G Environmental

Helping to ensure that your company is compliant with WEEE regulations.

J&G Environmental Fluorescent Lamp Recycling

Compliant recovery, treatment and disposal of hazardous heavy metals.

Corporate Clothing Recycling J&G Environmental

Effective disposal of company branded clothing for your security.

Emergency Spill Control Procedure J&G Environmental

Dealing with hazardous spills to quickly limit disruption to your business.

J&G Environmental Fabrication & Waste Containment

Manufacturing safe storage for potentially dangerous substances and chemicals.

J&G Environmental Waste Audit

Assisting businesses in achieving full waste management compliance.