Waste Management FAQ

Service and collection questions about J&G's range of services

Service Related Questions

If you are a new or existing customer and would like to organise a collection of hazardous or controlled waste or to arrange a site visit or audit etc, simply contact us. J&G provide all customers with Waste Collection Forms which can be filled in by the contact and faxed back to the transport department prior to the collection. The transport department will then call you to arrange a suitable collection date.

Yes, J&G supply all the paperwork required for the collection and disposal of waste as laid out in the Environmental Agency’s regulations.

Using the service offered by J&G ensures that you are complying with the Duty of Care regulations. As a licenced Waste Management company J&G removes the onus from the customer by providing all the legal paperwork as part of our service. We operate from licenced sites, are authorised to deal with a vast array of chemicals and have regular visits and site inspections by the Environment Agency.

Yes. An annual certificate is issued by J&G with the permission of the Environment Agency, which is your assurance that the waste collected is disposed of in complete accordance with the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and all other relevant legislation.

Yes. You are welcome to visit our sites at pre-arranged times to carry out your Duty of Care responsibilities, to see how the waste that comes from your facility is dealt with. This is of ever-increasing importance, as you have a duty of care to the environment to ensure that your waste is disposed of in accordance with the relevant statutory measures.

J&G operate a self-billing system, which is approved by HM Customs and Excise and has proved very popular with all of our customers. It involves J&G issuing a single invoice to cover credits and charges made in a single collection. VAT is added on the result of the transactions, not each one separately. This avoids the unnecessary paperwork involved in issuing two separate invoices and should help both companies to operate more efficiently with respect to each other. In cases where the creditable materials outweigh the charges, J&G will not have to wait for a customer to issue an invoice before remitting payment. All that J&G require is your permission to issue invoices in this way and your current VAT number.

J&G Environmental is pleased to be of service in providing customers standard waste containers and cages free of charge (subject to insuring these items at J&G’s value in the event of theft). There is no rental charge applicable. J&G can fabricate any special items in plastic or metal that you may need, the price of which is available upon application following survey and discussion.

Yes, with a nominal charge for their removal. Used waste containers are washed and re-used or granulated and/or crushed and recycled.

Collection Related Questions

This can be arranged depending on the customers requirements, from one week for a large volume printer, to 52 weeks for smaller businesses. Our area Sales/Customer Care operative will discuss the collection cycle with the customer, then all you do is phone, email or fax us as soon as a collection is required.

Our aim is to get to our customers as soon as is possible, on average collections are carried out within three to four days of a request being received.

J&G charge a £30.00 Hazardous Waste Fee + £20.00 Administration fee per collection.

No. Pre-notification of Special Waste collections is completed by J&G on our customers behalf at least three days prior to collection.

Empty plastic and steel containers are supplied free of charge if required as part of the service.

A variety of vehicle types are used including; Volvo wagons and drags, Vauxhall Movano’s, Mercedes Vito’s (for our sales and customer care team), and MAN 7.5 tonne trucks. All vehicles are distinctly marked with the J&G colouring and logo and all drivers wear personalised J&G attire.

All drivers are fully trained and all carry ADR licences which grants them the right to carry dangerous goods. This licence is refreshed every 4 years. Regular in-house training sessions are also carried out to ensure that drivers are knowledgeable and are informed of the most up-to-date information regarding the collection and transportation of waste.

Any unidentified chemical (such as one not labelled or one that cannot be distinguished on-site) will be reported to the Customer Care Department via a non-conformance report from the service driver (ISO 14001). J&G currently use the expert chemical labs and staff of two companies – Waste Matters Ltd & CSG Lanstar. Either of these two companies are able to deal with a variety of dangerous chemicals and will identify the chemical properties and will transport and safely dispose of as necessary.

Many of our site operatives are WAMITAB trained (Waste Management Industrial Training And Board). The depot managers of J&G Transfer Stations hold a Certificate of Technical Competence which is one of the criteria that needs to be met in order for a site licence to be granted.

All vehicles carry fire extinguishers, spillage limitation kits, relevant trem cards, sodium carbonate for acid spills, and incident telephone numbers and containers for spillage. All drivers also have ADR licences.

Inside our Client Information Pack (provided to our customers) is documentation of our Public Liability Insurance and a copy of our Group Vehicle Insurance which includes a 24 hour Emergency Spillage Response Scheme.

Other Questions

J&G has placed personal customer service at the heart of its culture and has a dedicated Customer Care department. So if you cannot find the information you are looking or you have any other questions about the services offered by J&G then please call us on 01258 453445 and we’ll be happy to help.