Cleansing Service Group

As part of CSG we provide a total waste management service

J&G Environmental is part of the Cleansing Service Group (CSG) family of companies. CSG is one of the most respected, experienced and largest privately-owned waste management groups in Britain. As part of CSG, our customers have access to the most comprehensive range of sustainable waste treatment and recycling services available.

Cleansing Service Group

CSG Waste Solutions Specialist

Cleansing Service Group is a leading and award winning force within the waste management sector. As waste solution specialists, CSG offers a complete variety of services ranging from collection to the final disposal of countless waste streams.

Based near Southampton, where the business was formed back in 1934, CSG is now a national organisation with depots throughout the country.

The company operates across many sectors, with a customer base including government departments, local authorities, utility companies, major supermarket groups and garage chains.

Comprehensive Waste Management

The two companies collaborated for many years prior to J&G becoming part of Cleansing Service Group. Both companies enjoy well earned reputations for quality customer care facilities, based on personal service, as well as sector-leading technical expertise in the handling of a huge range of hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams.

The considerable combined resources, experience and facilities of the two organisations means that J&G can offer its customers an even greater range of services by providing the most comprehensive waste management facility yet available to the printing industry.

Cleansing Service Group
Cleansing Service Group

Shared Green Values

Like J&G, CSG places great emphasis on caring for the environment, and is committed to providing environmentally-sound and operationally-safe waste management services by offering advice, guidance and practical assistance to customers seeking to ‘green’ their waste management procedures.

CSG is a keen supporter of the UK Wildlife Trusts movement as well as a significant corporate contributor to the World Land Trust (WLT) – an international conservation organisation which protects some of the world’s last remaining wildlife habitats.

Cleansing Service Group

Find out more about CSG and the huge range of waste management services it provides, by visiting their website.
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