Project Description


J&G Environmental helped design, print and fulfilment specialist Superior Creative Services recycle 99.67% of its production waste in 2018.

Superior Creative Services, part of the Delta Group, has been trading since 1976 and has established itself as one of the leading names in the UK print market.

From its facility in Melksham, Wiltshire, Superior offers design, print and fulfilment services – including both lithographic and digital UV technology – to a wide range of clients right across the retail sector.

With such a diversified service offering and far-reaching customer base, Superior is committed to ensuring that it operates in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner – something that is becoming an increasingly important attribute for clients across many markets.


The print service provider has been working with J&G Environmental, the leading UK print waste management company, for a number of years on various initiatives to enhance its ‘green’ operations and processes.

Such has been the success of this partnership that Superior reached an impressive milestone in 2018 when, through its ongoing work with J&G Environmental, it was able to recycle 99.67% of its annual print production waste material.

Not only has Superior been able hit its core targets in terms of sustainability, but by working with J&G Environmental, it has also continued to operate in line with the strict objectives required for its ISO14001 environmental management system.


Stewart Powell, Managing Director of Superior, said: “J&G Environmental are key to meeting our 14001 objectives and we have been working closely with them for over 15 years. We also use J&G to supply various bulk chemicals.

“As an ISO14001 company, it is important that we work closely with companies that share our ethics and meet our environmental requirements. J&G Environmental are an excellent source of technical advice and are constantly looking at new waste recycling routes.”

Powell goes on to say that, going by the success Superior has experienced during its time working with J&G Environmental, he would be happy to recommend the print waste management company to other print service providers that are seeking to enhance their own ‘green’ capabilities.

“We have developed a strong relationship over the many years and would have no hesitation in recommending J&G’s range of services,” Powell said.