Pressroom Plus, the Colchester-based inks, coatings and print consumables supplier, has announced a strategic partnership with UK print waste management market leader J&G Environmental.

Pressroom say they have agreed a preferred supplier arrangement with J&G, which has its headquarters in Blandford, Dorset, and will be encouraging their consumables customers to take advantage of J&G’s award-winning waste collection and recycling service.

As well as their core consumables business, Pressroom Plus offers a range of other services, including waste management. J&G’s appointment is the latest in a series of Pressroom strategic alliances.

Pressroom Plus operations director Paul Ogden said: “We select our partners very carefully indeed and they are chosen for a number of attributes including performance and value for money.

“J&G match our partnership requirements perfectly. They’ve pioneered print waste management best practice for many years and hugely influenced the development of recycling in the industry. They now manage a vast selection of printing by-products and recycle around 95 per cent of what they collect.”

For further information please contact J&G Environmental. Telephone: 01258 453445.