UK printers are being warned to brace themselves for a possible increase in waste disposal costs as the effect of new packaging regulations begins to bite.

Print industry waste specialists J&G Environmental say that changes to the revised technical guidance (WM2) introduced by the Environment Agency means any used packaging which has contained hazardous waste such as solvent or mineral oil and which has not been cleaned or decontaminated is now classed as hazardous waste.

To ensure compliance, collections of hazardous packaging can only be made using a Hazardous Waste Consignment Note and will incur an EA hazardous waste charge. Registration as a Hazardous Waste Producer may be necessary for some companies.

The new regulations also mean that any site from which the waste has to be removed must be registered with the Environment Agency as hazardous waste producers and the waste must be consigned, carried and treated in accordance with the Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005.

J&G general manager John Haines said: “No company wants to incur extra costs and additional paperwork but compliance with the new regulations is essential. A specialist waste management company will always be ready to advise any customer on both compliance and cost minimisation.”

Blandford-based J&G, which handles waste for thousands of UK general printers and newspaper groups, as well as managing consumables ‘take back’ schemes for Kodak and HP, now collects around 150 different sorts of printing waste and recycles around 95 per cent of it.

For further information please contact J&G Environmental. Telephone: 01258 453445.