Dorset-based J&G Environmental is warning print firms in the south-east to be on their guard against rogue scrap metal dealers attempting to collect valuable aluminium litho plates by posing as representatives of the long-established print waste management company.

J&G, which collects and recycles waste from over 2,000 customers including some of the UK’s leading print houses and newspaper groups, says it has received calls from customers saying that the imposters have kept their vehicles out of sight and promised to forward legally required waste transferral paperwork later.

“This has happened before in the past and it’s been a long time since any of our customers were hoodwinked. But now it seems to be happening again and we’ve recently had three calls from concerned customers, all in the south east. We’re now urging all our customers to be on guard against these imposters,” said J&G Environmental general manager John Haines.

“Fortunately those who have contacted us recently to report these approaches have all realised it’s a scam and turned them away.”

Mr Haines said that all J&G drivers carried identification which was instantly available for checking in the case of doubt. They also all wore clothing carrying the J&G logo, and all of J&G’s vehicles, with their distinctive livery, were easily recognisable.

“Our advice is that when in doubt challenge the caller or contact our office immediately for help. Our website also carries an identification sheet, with driver photographs and vehicle registration numbers.

“We will never tell our customers that their essential Consignment and Waste Transfer notes will be forwarded later. We always provide them at the time of collection in accordance with EA regulations.”

For further information please contact J&G Environmental. Telephone: 01258 453445.