J&G Environmental are to manage a wide range of waste streams for award winning Garnett Dickinson, one of the UK’s oldest printers.

UK print waste management market leader J&G will collect all general print waste including aluminium, aerosols, fount, plastic packaging and contaminated dry waste from the Rotherham print facility of the 150 year old company.

Steve Guy, Garnett Dickinson’s health and safety officer and quality and environmental manager, said: “As a company we work hard to try and keep the waste we generate to the absolute minimum. Working with J&G ensures that the maximum amount of the waste we do generate is recycled.”

J&G are confident that the specialised services they can provide will enable Garnett Dickinson to save valuable management time, and possibly money, by ensuring every aspect of waste management, from classification of wastes to essential paperwork, is dealt with effectively and efficiently.

Blandford-based J&G, which handles waste for thousands of UK printers and newspaper groups, now collects around 150 different print waste streams with about 95 percent being recycled.

For further information please contact:
J&G Environmental. Telephone: 01258 453445.