Environmental standard ISO 14001, once a “vanity project” for just a few print companies, is now becoming an accepted business necessity in the industry, say print waste managers J&G Environmental.

The company, which handles waste management for over 2000 printers and publishing houses, say that what was once a trickle of customer enquiries about how to gain the standard, has now turned into a flood.

“Customers now ring every day of the week for this information and we estimate that the number of companies we deal with seeking ISO 14001 has risen by around 50 per cent in the last 18 months,” said J&G general manager John Haines. “It’s a good indication of how environmental management is now being taken seriously across the whole industry.”

Gaining the standard helps companies demonstrate to customers how their operations minimise environmental impact and comply with regulations. Sustainable waste management is a key element of the standard’s requirements, with companies having to show they have legal systems in place recording how much waste is collected, who is handling it, its final destination, and how much of it is recycled.

“Back in the 1990s, environmental pioneers in the industry soon realised that having the standard gave them a competitive edge when bidding for business, but for many it was more of a public relations vanity project,” said Haines.

“That’s changed now. The demands of a growing number of potential customers with formal green supply chains in place means that having ISO 14001 has become a business necessity.”

“It often makes the difference between getting on to a tender list and not. Lots of new business can now stand or fall on a company’s environmental policy and whether or not it is formally recognised by an outside accreditation body. The fact that so many of our own customers now aspire to the standard shows that message is getting through.”

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