Increases in UK landfill charges will be less severe this year – but will still rise and incur additional costs for printers who opt to dispose of their waste in this way, say print waste management specialists J&G Environmental.

The cost of sending waste to landfill has been rising steeply each year as part of the Government’s strategy to divert valuable resources away from landfill and into recycling and reuse. Businesses are now expected to follow a ‘waste management hierarchy’ demonstrating that the most environmentally sound waste disposal route has been followed.

Disposal to landfill is to be seen as a last resort – a policy that has been backed up by year on year hikes in charges which have risen by £8.00 per tonne annually to reach the current rate of £80.00. But this year’s rise – set to kick in on April 1 – will be lower following the Government’s decision to link future increases in the tax to inflation. This means the 2015 standard rate is likely to be about £82.60 per tonne and the Government has said it is unlikely to fall below £80.00 until at least 2020.

“The reduced increase this year is obviously good news for print companies seeking to keep down costs, but at £82.60 per tonne it still represents a hefty operational expense, especially for smaller companies,” said J&G general manager John Haines.

A printer sending around five tonnes of waste to landfill every week would pay more than £20,000 a year just to get rid of it.

“Many printers still don’t appreciate the true cost of sending waste to landfill and regard it as a cost over which they have no control. In fact the cost can be significantly reduced by minimising waste in the first place, sorting waste that is created, and identifying what can be recycled which can sometimes actually generate additional income. Following the waste hierarchy really is only commonsense because its emphasis on reusing and recycling waste is designed to reduce the amount of waste going to expensive landfill, and thus reduce the cost of sending it there.”

“The message is: Don’t throw all your waste into the skip and forget about it as it goes to landfill. That’s the really expensive way to manage waste. A specialist waste management company would always be ready to help by carrying out a free waste audit, advising on waste minimisation, reuse, storage and recycling potential.”

For further information please contact John Haines at J&G Environmental. Telephone: 01258 453445.