Newly-launched print consumables supplier JAG Products, a division of print waste management company J&G Environmental, has clinched an official supplier deal with Italian blanket manufacturer Acoma.

The Acoma product is the latest addition to JAG’s fast-growing portfolio of consumables and print supplies which came on to the market in January.

Acoma international sales manager Mark Wilkins said JAG was offering a new approach to UK consumables supplies. “We were impressed with their planning, preparation and vision and we are extremely pleased to announce this partnership,” he said.

JAG Products’ sales manager Brian Smith said: “We’re delighted to have secured an Acoma agency arrangement for the UK. “Our parent company J&G Environmental has an established reputation for sustainability, so we’re particularly pleased to be supplying Acoma blankets which are produced using zero solvent technology and have gained approval from the independent testing institute ISEGA. That makes them a perfect fit for our market.”

The launch of JAG Products is the first time that J&G, best known for pioneering sustainable waste management in the industry, has attempted direct selling of products to printers. The company believes that customers will be attracted to its dual offer of next day consumables delivery backed by a service to take away the empties for recycling.

Smith said that JAG was already enjoying brisk trade across the UK. “We’ll be constantly sourcing and adding products to our catalogue to meet demand,” he said.

For further information please contact Brian Smith at J&G Environmental. Telephone: 01258 453445.