April is a month of change – there’s lighter nights to enjoy and hopefully better weather for starters. We’re not going to pretend that changes to hazardous waste management will put a similar spring in your step but this month marks a change in that respect too and applies to everyone in the printing industry in England (companies in Wales are not affected and should continue as usual).

The changes are twofold. The first is that as of the 1st April this year premises no longer need to register as hazardous waste producers with the Environment Agency, saving an annual fee of £18 and all the associated paperwork (businesses in Wales will need to continue to register with Natural Resources Wales). So this is an easy one you can now forget rather than need to remember!

The second relates to a change to the consignment notes that are still essential whenever hazardous waste is moved. The six figure code each premises use to identify themselves on this paperwork has previously consisted of the premises’ registration number. With registration no longer necessary companies now need to provide the first six letters or numbers (no symbols are allowed) of their organisation’s name. This has to be consistent across all paperwork.

The changes have been brought in as part of the Strategic Smarter Environmental Regulation Review (Red Tape Challenge) and you can find further information and guidance on gov.uk as well as our own website.

Here at J&G we’ve also been busy advising clients of these changes (we know how much they already have to think about) and dealing with any related questions.

A common one we’re being asked is: “Our company name is shorter than six characters – what do we do?”

To clarify, we’ve been advised that any shortfall in six characters caused by a shorter company name will be made up with the letter Q as a substitute. So for a company called ABC as an example this would be “ABCQQQ.”

We’d additionally like to assure all our valued clients, (whatever the length of their name!) that as their waste carrier, we will answer any queries as well as ensuring all consignments entrusted to us continue to comply with the updated legislation. Leaving you with one less thing to need to think about this spring, other than hopefully enjoying it!

To find out more please contact Heather Brewer at J&G on 01258 453445.