Less plastic will be heading to landfill sites as a result of the efforts of print waste managing specialist J&G Environmental.

The company recently made a substantial investment in a brand new wash plant at their Blandford based site in Dorset and have recruited two additional employees, including a new recycling manager as a direct result.

The facility enables J&G to recycle HDPE and PP graded plastics which are shredded, granulated and washed, with the water also being recycled in the process. The plant is capable of dealing with 8-10 tonnes of plastic per day with an end product ready to go back into the plastics industry.

Currently the company recycles 94 per cent of the waste collected from the printing clients but is now in the position to pick up and recycle additional waste from other industries including food manufacturers, and new recycling manager Darren Fairlie has been tasked with sourcing plastic from additional avenues. Cosmetics giant Lush, already known for their strong commitment to recycling, is been just one J&G has been collecting from recently.

“This is the same kind of system we had previously but represents a major upgrade and is far more efficient in terms of output,” adds J&G Warehouse Manager Paul Dunseith. “We are now recycling many different types of plastic that would previously have gone to landfill with benefits for our clients, the company and importantly, the environment.”

For further information please contact John Haines at J&G Environmental. Telephone: 01258 453445.