J&G Environmental’s range of JAG printing products is proving so successful that the company recently expanded their entire operation to keep up with demand. Alongside a new office and significantly larger product warehouse, the print waste management company is now investing in additional staff and more vehicles specifically for the product side of the business.

Brian Smith, came up with the original idea for J&G to diversify into printing consumables and has been at the helm since the launch of the JAG range two years ago. He attributes its rapid growth, both in terms of the number of products and rising sales figures to a number of key factors.

“J&G is a trusted name that promotes confidence within the printing industry and that ensured the perfect foundation for JAG from the outset,” he explained. “To honour that trust and build on it in a completely new area however we also needed to provide great quality products, fantastic levels of service and excellent technical after sales support. The fact we have come so far in such a relatively short space of time is down to the fact we have ensured that is the case, in addition to the dedication and hard work of our sales team.”

Brian’s original concept of providing a complete ‘circular’ service by delivering the products needed and then collecting the waste they create has been embraced by both existing and new clients. The company has many waste disposal customers now ordering JAG products but J&G has also seen the benefit work in reverse, with new customers starting to use their waste disposal service after purchasing the printing consumables.

They have plenty to purchase too – from just six core products the JAG range has now grown to more than 200 since its launch in January 2015.

“We started being asked, could we provide this or could we sell that and thought, well, why can’t we?” adds Brian. “I felt confident busy printing firms would see the concept of dealing with just one company for both consumables and waste disposal as providing advantages but never expected it to take off to this extent quite so quickly – we outgrew the warehouse we had expected to be suitable for the first few years, within a matter of months as a direct result.”

Brian also acknowledge that the J&G name combined with his contacts and knowledge of the printing industry, has helped secure top manufacturers including Huber whilst every effort is taken to ensure the JAG range reflects the strong environment ethos J&G are built on.

One of many happy new customers is Bedfordshire based printing firm Newnorth as their Operations Manager Zak Kightley confirms.

“We had no issue with our previous suppliers in terms of either products or service; in fact, we thought they’d be a hard act to follow. However, we are more than happy with our move to JAG last year, a decision we reached for two reasons. One was price. Although not the cheapest option, the products are certainly competitively priced. The second was that the JAG team were the only supplier to ask our expectations from an ink and then come with a solution to an issue we’d been experiencing for a couple of years previously; one that has saved us time and money.

“Having met our expectations with the products, any initial concerns about service levels have proven to be unfounded – everyone at JAG is awesome. Brian and his team have held our hands through any teething problems and also dug us out of the occasional hole!”